Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orang tua dajjal

Apakah si tua keparat ini gila kuasa ?
dunia dah nak kiamat dia masih nak berkuasa .

Janji seribu janji , rakyat cium kaki .
Janji tak pernah ditepati , rakyat makan hati .

Bila negara dah huru-hara ,
salahkan pihak ini , pihak itu .
Diri sendiri tak nak tengok .

Woi BINATANG ! negara bukan hak individu .
Kesejahteraan datang dari mana ?
Keamanan datang dari mana ?
semua itu kerja Tuhan .
Bukan kau orang tua !!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Past and present .

First leader to fight for freedom, the people, and nation.
Leaders are now, struggling to increase wealth, and popularity.

Select a slut like choosing fruit, reconciliation, smell, pay and take it.
Said the meeting went, but stopped widow Siti stalls.

Before the election, the kinds of kinds of promises to the people,
the people of regret afterward.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Straight Ahead .

Guys, let's develop this society,
open your eyes and your mind,
just think forward.

Look ahead and grab the chance,
give your best ,
let's get it on !!

* We're live in community
should be thinking ahead,
look ahead.
How to develop this society.


D.I.Y is not the bad thing,
D.I.Y is not a crime,
don't only judge it by the music,

D.I.Y is the way should be a positive attitude
for you and me,
you'll stay free,
to choose ! what you want to be .

People selling out to a media,
we'll stay true,
support the underground scene.

Stay true to our believes and D.I.Y .

They can't take us down .

All human beings are born equal,
humanity no matter of race,
must be live together and volunteer.

All people make greedy,
destroy the world's miserable end.

For we are still asleep,
their authority getting stronger.

But they forget,
they forget the power of our
our power to drop them.

This story told us about someone want to take us down ,
we are running of time . Get up from your dream , what happen now
is reality . We should be unite , fuck those racism . We should stand and fight .

Reality is fact .

What happen today now,
and it always happen ,
it show us the way ,
the way that bring us down .

They'll do anything to took us down .
We must get ready to fight back .

They get everything to conquer the world .

But now , we must believe ,
that we have the power ,
to rip them down ,
to make us more better .

We'll stand up and fight .
This our scene .

Monday, February 7, 2011

Kau bongkak , Kau rosak .

Kadang kala kita terlupa apa tujuan sebenar kita didunia .
Kita angkuh dengan kemewahan yang diberiNYA .
Kita bongkak . Kita sombong !

Itulah perkara yang amat ketara sekali .
Bila sikurang bijak menanyakan kepada sipandai ,
sipandai lontar kan perkataan kesat .
" Bodohlah kau nie ! "

Friday, February 4, 2011

Mastermind behind disunite people .

This is our war, to remove the mastermind foul .
Life does not rank, race or language spoken .

We live together under one umbrella .
Stop playing foul .

States does not belong to an individual .
Stop the game or people will disunite as seen on television .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rust is better than black and white

When I walked in the city, I see the attitude of parents treat a child who wants to have a balloon. While she's taking out her purse from her pockets , then a snatcher came from out of nowhere and snatched her purse . There was a well dressed man reading a newspaper nearby and pretending not to see the snatcher who happen to run towards him. At the same time a young spiky-haired came out from the grocery store nearby and saw what happened , the young spiky immediately react and took down the snatcher .

Cerita ini mengisahkan pandangan masyrakat keatas budak budak muda
yang sememangnya dari luaran tiada rupa . Ingat , yang lawa tak semestinya baik , yang buruk tak semestinya jahat .